How do I pre-order cupcakes for candy booth or any basket chocolate for any occasion?
We are using online services, please write down and send your details through email yasmin.razak@gmail.com. We will send you an invoice. Your order will only be confirmed after payment is received.

Can I customise cupcakes and chocolate basket or even a gift?
Yes! You can purchase our decorative Toppers (packed separately) to customise your cupcakes.
And you might also design your own chocolate basket and gift for your love one!

How many days in advance must I place my order?
We require 5 working days' notice for preorder of our goodies,candy booth and cupcakes. As we have limited boxes and basket available daily, we recommend placing your order as possible to avoid disappointment. Please note that an order is only confirmed upon payment.

Do I need to pre-pay for my order?
We kindly ask for advance payment for all reservations to be made at least 5 working days from delivery date.Don't worry, if there is a balance we will give you back!

How do I make payment for my order?
Please email to us your order details and we will send you an invoice. Your order will only be confirmed after payment is received. Please email us a photo of the bank slip as proof of payment. All orders are only confirmed upon payment. 

Which area you will deliver and serve?

We only deliver and serve our products in kuala lumpur, selangor, n.sembilan, melaka and johor only. We were sorry for those who stay outside the states. 

Can I call in to make an order?
Yes you can! call us at 012-9931832 now! whatsapp also available.

Do you sell bigger cakes or mini cupcakes?
No, we don't sell bigger cakes. We only sell cupcakes.Our cupcakes are approximately 6cm across. Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are about 6cm tall, and swirls/zigzag frosting are about 4.5-5cm tall.

Where can I pick up my cupcakes?
You don't have to. We don't have shop. We were online business. Give me all your detail information and we will send and decorate (candy booth) for you.

What if I already made a payment but I want to cancel the order? Do i Get a refund?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund on orders that are cancelled. We also cannot keep the cupcakes because we lack of storage space.

Are your chocolates and cupcakes Halal?
We are using halal certified ingredients in our cupcakes and we buy from the trusted and halal chocolate factory. 

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