Our Famous selection Candy Booth!

Wedding Theme

Our best selection candy booth so far! This is the higher selection from our customer for their wedding day. Not just available for wedding day only but any kind of party essential too. Basically, we do based on what our customer's needs and wants. All the themes and decoration is available for you to make by your own!
You might also can pick the packages that we have been made which on a sidebar.
Choose and pick now the sweetness! 

You can contact us at 012-9931832 or email us directly at Yasmin.Razak4@Gmail.com for any questions.
We will serve you with lot of sweetness! I bet you won't regret! :)
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The most tempting and popular picks! Special about our Goodies Signature Assortment is, you can pick randomly over a thousand types of chocolates that you would like to and we provides a different kind of sizes for your bucket!  

Goodies Signature Assortment   
RM60.00 - RM150.00

Do not worry about the design. Either you want a suggestion from us or you can send us an image for decorate it. We will please you! Any question just contact us directly to the number that have been provided! 

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PHONE : 012-9931832

Raspberry Candy Cane