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Everyone loves Goodies our famous confections chocolate & Gift Baskets.
We've been pleasing customers in the Kuala Lumpur area  since June 2013. Now our goodies has spread to all states.But we only deliver our goodies in Kuala Lumpur,Selangor,N.sembilan, Melaka and Johor.When it comes to personal and corporate gift-giving, Goodies sweetens every occasion and holiday. Our chocolates, candies, and gourmet treats are of the finest quality. Whether you choose a pound of delicious chocolates or one of our most elegant gift baskets, a gift from Goodies will convey your unique expression of good wishes.Not forget our famous candy booth for every occasion.We will provide you our best services! If you are already a Goodies' customer, we thank you. If you are new to Goodies, we welcome you. Our knowledgeable and creative staff is available to help you. 

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When you do something exceptionally well, word gets around. And that's the story behind the popularity of Goodies, and our reputation for mouthwatering chocolates, tasty confections and wonderful gift selections.We're as close as your internet connection. Here on our blog, we've tried to make shopping for your favorite gift basket quick and easy. Whether you are seeking a personal gift for someone special, or you are a Goodies corporate customer who wants to show your appreciation, a gift from Goodies says it all. As you shop the Goodies Blog, please know: Our Personal Gift Specialists are here to help you.Corporate customers, especially, should consider calling Goodies when placing custom or large orders.

Our business hours are Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.For personal assistance and more information, please contact us now at :

/ calls :     012-9931832


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